Posted: July 4 2006

Tweaked for speed

Occasionally I'll look at possible tweaks that can be made to help speed up the server. With changing software and client needs, this needs to be addressed every now and then. So on Monday I successfully installed eaccelerator which is a PHP opcode cache program. Basically it speeds up PHP scripts. Now, Zend Optimizer is also supposed to speed things up, but eaccelerator is supposed to be better. The problem was that there was no way to have Zend Optimizer, ionCube Loader and eaccelerator working all at the same time; Until recently. Someone dug up a way to do it by altering the source code of eaccelerator. I'm not scared of source code being a programmer myself, so I had at it! And it was successful! It's taken a day to see some significant results, but I'm seeing reduced load on the server now. Which means eacelerator IS better than Zend.

Tonight I also looked at MySQL settings and using some magic voodoo came up with better values for some variables in the config file. Ok, maybe not magic, but a lot of re-reading and calculating. Hopefully this will result in faster MySQL response. It should, I'd be very disappointed if it didn't.

Posted: June 6 2006

Server Software Upgrade

The Server was upgraded last night. On Sundays the server gets a full scale backup whereas every other day it gets an incremental backup. So I try to do major changes on a Sunday night in the unlikely event I need to do a restore.
Apache and PHP4 are now up to date as is MySQL. I also added a couple things into the PHP build that might be useful. MHash and CURL SSH.
PHP5 version 5.1.4 is now out of beta with cpanel, so i am still seriously considering upgrading the server to that. I just want to make sure eveyone is informed first incase there are any scripts that might need to be updated.

Posted: June 1 2006

Email - Oh The Humanity! Part 2

And I thought 1273 was bad... at one point last month we were up to 2900 messages.

Posted: May 2 2006

Email - Oh The Humanity!

Heres a report of yesterdays email from Mailscanner..

I think I need to put up a tutorial to help clients avoid being targeted by spammers, this is just silly.

Posted: Feb 27 2006

Server Upgrades

Ok so Mailscanner is a pig. It does a LOT of work, and the CPU gets a warm fuzzy feeling from it. However I like the mail results so far.

In one day here are the stats:

As a result of Mailscanner, and the general increasing load on the server lately I decide it was past time to do an upgrade. So the server now has double the memory. This will help ensure stability as each script tries to run, it will have the memory to do so, and not crash and burn.

Posted: Feb 26 2006

Mail updates

Last week the server was hit pretty hard by email spam. So this weekend we took steps to help eliminate the quantity of spam.

A new program has been added to your cpanel called Mailscanner. Look for it at the bottom of the screen. In there you can decide your tolerance for spam and decide to deliver it, or automatically delete it.

SpamAssassin has been disabled on an individual account basis and instead is now server wide. This means that everyone benefits from server wide baysian filtering (It learns as it goes what is spam and what is not).

An email brute force detector has also been added to block senders who are sending emails using a dictionary attack.

The improvements to the mail system may decrease the load to the server, making it faster by eliminating extra mail processing, or it could slow down the server as Mailscanner takes resources to deal with the mail. We don't know the full effect yet, but will watch it closely in the next week.

Posted: Feb 12 2006

New webpage goes live.

Ok, other interesting tidbits...